How briefs work

Drinktank was created to create closer collaboration between brands and bartenders. To do this in a way that is both effective and efficient, we have created an interactive site that will house requests from brands in the form of a brief. A brief will detail what intelligence they’d like to collect and why, along with timeframes and additional details.

Below outlines everything you may need to know.

  1. You will automatically receive an email notification when a new brief has been uploaded onto Drinktank
  2. Once logged in, select the ‘Briefs’ page in the navigation bar
  3. Select the relevant brief from the ‘Live Briefs’ selection
  4. Review the summary of the brief, which will include the following details:
    a. Format (e.g. digital questionnaire, on-location workshop etc.)
    b. Timings (project start + end dates)
    c. Estimated time required to complete the task
    d. Requirements (experience, account type etc.)
    e. Market (which country you need to be based in)
    f. Whether you can complete the task anonymously
    g. Whether an NDA needs to be signed
  5. When you have reviewed the summary, select ‘Opt in’ (please note that there will be a closing date for opting in detailed in the summary)
  6. You will receive an automatic email notifying you that your interest has been registered
  7. You will then receive a follow up email confirming that you’ve been selected for the task based on the key criteria of the brief
  8. Information will be circulated with the full brief and guidelines to complete the task
  9. Once the task has been completed, payment will be made within 24 hours (please note you this is dependent on you confirming this information within your profile page)
  10. When the opt-in deadline has been met, the brief will move from ‘Live Briefs’ to ‘Closed Briefs’
  11. On completion of the brief, Drinktank may include an overview of the project and what was achieved in the ‘Spotlight’ page, which can be found in the navigation bar once the logged-in

If you have any questions remaining, please email

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