The global bartender intelligence network for the drinks industry

Bespoke insights tailored to any brief, sourced straight from bartenders from more than 14 different countries around the world.


A Global Collective

Drinktank’s leading network of hospitality professionals represents a powerful global collective of minds, from passionate career bartenders to industry leaders. Each and every member of the collective that provides their insight is paid for their time and Drinktank takes 0% of that fee. Progressing from traditional third party, bartender-panel research that offers limited visibility and represents insights from the same segment of the industry, through its app Drinktank is able to connect and receive hundreds of insights straight from the source to provide brands with tailormade market research reports.

Straight-from-source insights

Drinktank has a vision of progressive collaboration between bartenders and brands, where a bartender’s expertise and insights are respected and paid for and brands reduce risk and increase engagement and return. From developing brand programmes, new products, advocacy campaigns and collaborations, Drinktank provides real-time, direct from source insights to maximise ROI. For hospitality professionals looking to get access to briefs, register via our app; please note each registration requires information to be provided to approve the request.

brand love metric

Find out your brand’s Brand Love score across passion, connection and affection driven behaviours.

real bartender insights

Go straight-to-source and secure insights from bartenders within 24 hours across multi-markets.

anticipating trends

Understand underlying tends across markets to ensure you're maximising investments and opportunities.

consumer demands

Increase sales and performance by understanding consumer requests and demands from the Gatekeepers themselves.

If you’re a hospitality professional and want to be part of the world’s first and leading drinks industry intelligence network, register via our app here.

If you represent a drinks brand and are interested in hearing more about Drinktank, its vision, its services and how we can support your goals, please get in touch here.

Drinktank collective

Drinktank has over 40 years of combined experience across global, local, corporate and entrepreneurial businesses.

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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions, or contact us for more info.

What is Drinktank?


Drinktank is the world’s first global intelligence network for the drinks industry and exists to close the gap between brands and bartenders to progress the industry.
A global collective of drinks industry influencers across prestige and volume accounts, from London to Hong Kong, New York to Copenhagen, Drinktank unites bartenders and barthinkers from around the world to provide a unique set of insights and intelligence to inform the global drinks market.

Drinktank curates and delivers intelligence for brands. Working with brand teams and their agencies, tailor-made questionnaires are created to test concepts and measure trade-forward brand activities; whether it’s new product development, trend forecasting, positioning feedback, advocacy programme ratings, we ensure that the right brief is matched to the right bartenders and barthinkers around the world.

How do Drinktank briefs work?


Drinktank develops tailormade questionnaires, closing the gap between brands and bartenders.
Brief overviews explain the theme and criteria of upcoming questionnaires that will be going live on our app. In the app, you can opt in to take part in a brief based on your location, role and interest in the subject or brand.
You will then be selected by Drinktank to take part. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire you will submit an invoice via the payments function. Once this is complete, you will receive payment for your time and insights.
The Drinktank app simplifies the process, and you will receive notifications at every step to ensure you’re guided through from start to finish - from opt-in to payment!

How often will a new brief go live?


There isn’t a set number of briefs that go live, it is based on when brands are ready to request insights on a project or brand. We believe your experience and insights are invaluable to our industry, which is why we pay for your time and we want to make this standard industry-wide.

How much does Drinktank take from a bartender’s fee?


Drinktank makes zero profit from bartender fees, bartenders receive 100% of their fee. Drinktank charges a separate amount for the management and analysis of the insights – so bartenders are paid for their time and we are paid for our time. Easy.

When and how do I get paid?


Once you have successfully completed a questionnaire, head to ‘payments’. Here, you will submit an invoice including your home address and full bank account information. Once this has been submitted, you will be paid automatically via Stripe.
If you have completed a questionnaire, but not uploaded your invoice, you will receive a push notification as a reminder.
If you have any questions or issues uploading an invoice, please contact

How much will I get paid?


We pay bartenders based on their time and the average day rate of their role as polled by over 1,000 bartenders worldwide.

Are there other ways to get involved with Drinktank?


Please follow Drinktank on Instagram for regular updates on upcoming briefs and activities. Alternatively, contact for more info on how to get involved.